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Jointwave - an Altera Partner

Jointwave is proud to be a partner of Altera®. We have been certified and accepted in both AMPP and ACAP programs. Jointwave is also one of Altera's Industrial Partners. The following IP cores have been fully tested and optimized for Altera's Cyclone® and Stratix® FPGAs.

  • Jointwave E4 series H.264 encoders:
  • E4 series is ideal for industrial applications. Among them, E440 is a Level 4.1 (1080p30fps, 720p60fps) Main/Baseline Profile encoder the can run on Cyclone III and Cyclone IV (3C55, 4CE55 or 4CGX50). It consumes less than 1 watt of power.

  • Jointwave E5 series H.264 encoders:
  • E5 series provides ultra high throughput and superb video quality. It supports up to Level 4.1 with bit rate from 0 to 300Mbps on Cyclone III/IVFPGAs. Visually lossless video quality is achieved. On a single Stratix III FPGA, it supports Level 4.2 (1080p60fps) and can encode multiple channels on a single device.

  • Jointwave E6 series H.264 encoders:
  • E6 Series provides excellent video quality at very low bit rates. With an efficient CABAC entropy coding engine (throughput from 0 to 130Mbps) and an excellent motion estimate engine, it out performs DSP based solutions and other vendors' FPGA IP cores in the market.

  • Jointwave E3/E2 series H.264 encoders:
  • E3 and E2 series are H.264 Intra only profile. They have extremely small foot print and require minimum memory size and bandwidth. The E2 series does not use external memory at all. An all-in-one single chip H.264 video encoder can be implemented on a low cost Cyclone III/IV FPGA.

  • Jointwave M200 MPEG Audio Layer II (MP2) Encoder
  • M200 receives PCM audio signal from I2S bus then encodes it into MP2 format. M200 uses only 3K to 4K LEs.

  • Jointwave TS100 Transport Stream Multiplexer
  • TS100 is designed to work together with Jointwave encoders. It takes one H.264 NAL stream and one audio stream, then multiplexes them into a standard TS stream.

Here is a summary table of Jointwave major encoder offering:

Level 3

Level 3.1

Level 4.1

Level 4.2

Baseline Profile Intra

E2 Series





Main Profile Intra

E3 Series





Main/Baseline Profile (footprint optimized)

E4 Series





Baseline Profile

E5 Series





Main Profile

E6 Series





1080P Real-time Demos on Standard Altera Dev Boards

Jointwave provide 4 options for our customers to evaluate the H.264 encoder IP cores

  • Sample video clips
  • Bit accurate C model runs on PC
  • Evaluation IP run on standard Altera development boards
  • Evaluation kit which is a bundle of everything you need to setup a full testing environment
  • You can run a demo/evaluation version of Jointwave encoder IP cores on any of the following low cost standard FPGA development boards, which you can order from Altera's website directly:

    You need some additional devices to make a complete demo system::

    • Bitec HSMC DVI Board ($200~300)
    • A media player with HDMI or DVI output and configurable to different video output formats
    • HDMI-to-DVI cable
    • CAT 5e Ethernet cable
    • Some test video clips in the format(s) you want to test

    Please contact us for a demo package so that you can setup the demo system. The demo package contains:

    • FPGA image files of the demo version encoder IP
    • A User Guide on how to setup and run the demo
    • Software tools to run the demo
    To speed up your evaluation process, Jointwave provide a complete demo/evaluation bundle (K-401) at $2,495 that contains a DK-DEV-3C120N board and all the additaional devices, software package required for the setting up the system.

    The DK-DEV-3C120N board and media player are preloaded and configured so that they work together smoothly. With a working system as reference, you can change the parameters to compare the testing results in video quality, compression rate, power consumption and so on.

    Please contact us to order the K-401 bundle.

    How to setup the demo/evaluation kit:

    Jointwave H.264 HD IP Camera Solution demo video:

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